Frequently Asked Questions

What is a giclee?

A giclee, pronounced "zee-clay," is derived from a french term meaning "to spray."  The process utilizes the latest technology and sophisticated machinery to create fine art prints and best replicate original works of art.  Our canvas giclees are brought to life on stretchable 100% cotton canvas.

What is unstretched canvas?

Unstretched canvas must first be stretched on stretcher bars (a wooden frame) before it can be hung by itself or inserted into a frame to be hung. Unstretched canvas giclees are delivered rolled in a tube, prepared for you to stretch or mount as you desire.

What is museum wrapped?

Museum wrapped canvas giclees are hand stretched on 3/4 inch wooden stretcher bars. The entire image is visible from the front, giving the sides a solid white canvas finish. Your canvas giclee arrives with hanging hardware attached and ready to hang or insert into a frame.

What is gallery wrapped?

Gallery wrapped canvas giclees are hand stretched on 3/4 inch wooden stretcher bars.  The image continues around all four sides, giving a frameless, complete finish to the canvas art. Your canvas giclee arives with hanging hardware attached and is ready to be put on display right out of the box. 1.5 inch deep stretcher bars are also available.  Please give us a call toll free at 1-800-796-0380.