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Van-Gogh-Canvas-Giclees.com is a family owned and operated art reproduction business located in Newport News, Virginia.  Since 1992, our goal has been to provide all of our customers with quality products at affordable prices. Our personal attention is paid to every order and we are committed to customer satisfaction.

We offer hundreds of canvas giclees from master artist Vincent van Gogh and are constantly adding to our collection of canvas art.  Contact us with any questions or comments at info@van-gogh-canvas-giclees.com or toll free at 1-800-796-0380.

At Van-Gogh-Canvas-Giclees, we specialize in the most advanced giclee method of art replication. Giclees re-create an original piece of art with the accuracy, color, and detail depicted by the original artist. These fine art reproductions are displayed by museums when the original paintings are not available and sell in retail art galleries worldwide. We use top of the line machinery, 100% cotton canvas, and quality inks to produce our canvas giclees. Every canvas giclees is also sprayed with clear acrylic for additional ultraviolet (UV) protection.

We offer a wide selection of canvas giclees from post-impressionist artist Vincent van Gogh. Choose from Unstretched, Museum Wrapped, Gallery Wrapped & Framed.

Unstretched Canvas Giclees

Unstretched canvas giclees must first be stretched on stretcher bars (a wooden frame) before it can be hung by itself or inserted into a frame to be hung. Unstretched canvas is shipped rolled in a shipping tube.

Museum Wrapped Canvas Giclees

Museum wrapped canvas giclees are hand stretched on 3/4 inch wooden stretcher bars. The entire image is visible from the front, giving the sides a solid white canvas finish. Your canvas giclee arrives with hanging hardware attached and ready to hang or insert into a frame.

Gallery Wrapped Canvas Giclees

Gallery wrapped canvas giclees are hand stretched on 3/4 inch wooden stretcher bars. The image is wrapped around all four sides, giving a frameless, complete finish to the canvas art. Your canvas giclee arives with hanging hardware attached and is ready to be put on display right out of the box.  Gallery wrapped canvas giclees are also available on 1.5 inch deep stretcher bars.

Gallery vs Museum Wrapped Canvas Giclees

Please note that not all art is suitable for gallery wrapping.  This may include canvas giclees where people, structures or signatures should not disappear onto the sides of the canvas giclee, but remain visible on the front of the canvas.  In these cases, museum wrapping is appropriate.  Also, if you select to purchase a canvas giclee without a frame, but plan on framing it on your own, we highly suggest you select the museum wrap option as well

Framed Canvas Giclees

Framed canvas giclees are museum wrapped to expose the entire front surface of the image through the frame.

Customer Service

All customer inquiries are immediately addressed and every order is meticulously serviced.